Bassboomz Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you are like many people who find it important to always have their favorite music close at hand, then you have probably already explored the world of portable Bluetooth speakers as well as portable Bluetooth speaker reviews. If you are looking for an option other than your favorite earbuds with which to pair your smartphone or device, you know that there are many options available. Let’s take a look at one of the best-selling Bluetooth speakers; the Bassboomz Portable Bluetooth speaker.

bassboomz bluetooth portable speaker review

Description of Bassboomz Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bassboomz portable Bluetooth speaker is a high performance small portable speaker which is offered in several different color options which allow users to show off their individual style and taste. The small round speaker can be expanded by giving it a quick twist, but it can also be used in the closed position. The colorful Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker is designed to take along with you to places you want to play music out loud, but find inconvenient or impossible to take along a large speaker system or boom box. The Bassboomz high performance portable Bluetooth speaker is just what it claims; great sound wrapped in a highly portable package!

Features of the Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker

  • bassboomz bluetooth speakerSmall on space-Big on sound; offered in a convenient and compact device
  • Compatible with virtually all audio devices and smartphones that are Bluetooth enabled
  • Perfect for desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and mp3 players
  • Wireless and easily rechargeable with a standard USB cord
  • Operates with the use of 1 lithium ion battery
  • Looks of this portable speaker are sleek and stylish; very modern
  • Available in colors such as black, blue, silver, pink, red, and more
  • Easily fits in small bags, purses, and backpacks; easy to transport
  • Light weight; weighs less than 1 pound
  • Durable; very sturdy device, made of high quality products
  • Lithium ion battery can be replaced if necessary
  • Easy to take along to the beach, pool, park, or other activities
  • Great for traveling by air, bus, or car etc.
  • Easy to operate; one switch does it all

Possible Issues with the Bassboomz Portable Speaker

bassboomz bluetooth speaker reviewThe following issues have been reported by consumers who have left feedback in the portable Bluetooth speaker reviews:

  • The battery life will not usually last all day without being recharged once or twice. 3 or 4 hours of continuous use was reported.
  • Some users report slight background noise
  • Some consumers have reported that the price is too high (check for current discounts on Amazon now!)
  • Rated at a 3.9 stars out of 5 stars

If simple and compact is what you are looking for in a portable Bluetooth speaker system, The Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker might be the one for you. Whether on the go, or at home; the Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker is easy to use while you are on the move. With the wide variety of colors, you can personalize your own portable Bluetooth speaker in order to tell it apart from your friend’s. Next time you plan to purchase a Bluetooth speaker, take a long look at the Bassboomz Portable Bluetooth speaker!

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