Best Outdoor Stereo Receivers Review

Traditionally, when a person is outdoors, he or she is expected to give up the luxuries and convenience of technology.  This is because of the fact that technology does not usually survive outdoors.  Nature is indeed technology’s greatest adversary.  However, thanks to recent developments, technology has now evolved.  In this day and age, you no longer need to ‘stick with the basics’ if you’re outdoors, because there are now technological equipment that can withstand the tests of nature, such as rain and heat. This is why its important to understand the difference between indoor and outdoor speakers. Check out our comparison table of the best outdoor stereo receivers or skip down to see the reviews.

sony outdoor stereo receiverSony 7.2 Channel Hi-Res 4K Receiver3.8$$$
yamaha outdoor stereo receiverYamaha 7.2 Channel MusicCast AV Receiver4.3$$$$
denon stereo receiverDenon 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD4.0$$$
onkyo outdoor stereo receiverOnkyo 7.2-Ch Network A/V Receiver4.0$$$$

Best Stereo Receivers for Outdoor Speakers

Sony Stereo Receiver with WiFi & Bluetooth

sony outdoor stereo receiver

The first one we will have a look at is the Sony 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  This stereo receiver has a 7.2-channel system that allows the transmittal of high-definition sounds.  Of course, it has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows the receiver to tap into the Internet, and access streaming services, as well as make it easy to update firmware.  Also, thanks to Bluetooth technology, one may stream music to the component directly from one’s smartphone or tablet.  Moreover, it has eight HDMI ports, making it a great sound system for home theatres.

Sony is a household name when it comes to media technology.  One is guaranteed quality and service when it comes to Sony products.  However, one drawback with the Sony stereo receiver is the price tag.  Although it comes with a price, most agree it is well worth it.

Yamaha Stereo Receiver with Airplay

yamaha outdoor stereo receiver

The second stereo receiver we will discuss is the Yamaha 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay.  Like the Sony, the Yamaha Receiver also boasts of a 7.2-channel surround sound system, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and is compatible with AV Systems.  However, what gives the Yamaha stereo receiver an edge is the Yamaha AV Controller App.  With this mobile application, which can be downloaded on any iOS or Android mobile device, one can control the receiver’s power, volume, sound settings, DSP modes, inputs, among others.  This makes the system a lot easier to control from a distance.

One great feature of the Yamaha Receiver is its video capacity.  Its HDMI ports are ready for 4K or Ultra HD pass-through, and it has the capacity to convert and upscale non-4K or Ultra HD signals for transmission to at 4K television.

Onkyo Wireless Network A/V Receiver

onkyo stereo receiver

The third stereo receiver we will have a look at is the Onkyo 7.2-Ch Dolby Atmos Ready Network A/V Receiver w/ HDMI 2.0.  This is a powerful model that packs a lot in one punch.  Similar to the previous two receivers, it has a 7.2 channel for high-definition surround sound, as well as built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.  It also has a 4K or Ultra HD pass-through and upscaling capacity, making it a great receiver for high-end home theatre systems.

What sets the Onkyo Stereo Receiver apart is the wide range of technology it employs for lossless audio play of compressed audio files.  These technologies include Dolby TrueHD, 192 kHz/24-bit FLAC, and DSD.  This makes for minimal quality loss and distortion during sound play.  Also, it can tap into a huge selection Internet radio streaming services, such as Spotify and SiriusXM. Compared to the previous two stereo receivers, the Onkyo Receiver is more expensive.  However, the difference in cost is very well justified by the additional features one gets from this device.

Denon 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD A/V Receiver w/Bluetooth & WiFi

denon stereo receiver

The last model we will review is the popular Denon 7.2-Channel Full 4k Ultra HD A/V Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also has a 7.2-channel system that has a maximum power of 165 watts per channel. It includes full compatibility with 3D and 4K Ultra HD/60Hz full rate pass-through with 4:4:4 color resolution and six HDMI inputs. It can also accommodate AirPlay streaming from Apple devices, Android push playback, Pandora, Spotify and more from your favorite tablet, smart phone or streaming device.

The Denon is an all around great outdoor stereo receiver.  For one, it is very user-friendly.  Its controls are pretty straightforward.  Second, it is easy to set up.  And third, it is affordable in comparison to the others, especially given the features.

All four of these receivers can be used when setting up an outdoor stereo system. Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, this is all possible.  There are many other devices that are similar to these out in the market today.  It’s best to check which ones suit your needs and level of knowledge before buying.

What About Outdoor Stereo Receivers?

Unfortunately, this is one piece of technology that hasn’t evolved enough to transition to the outdoors. Some have tried but nothing compares to the premium stereo receivers on the market. Until we have a major breakthrough in the outdoor stereo receiver technology, we strongly recommend using a high quality stereo receiver that has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities that you can connect to your outdoor speakers.

Wait…What is a Stereo Receiver Anyway?

A stereo receiver is basically the component of a sound system that receives and processes sounds that are to be transmitted to the stereos themselves.  With a stereo receiver, one can manipulate the audio quality of the sounds being transmitted to the stereo.

How Do You Use Indoor Stereo Receivers as Outdoor Stereo Receivers?

So how does a stereo receiver become usable outdoors?  Thanks to recent developments, stereo receivers now have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.  Because of this, they are now capable of transmitting data to stereos at long ranges, as well as receiving data from media devices, such as iPods and Android devices.  One only needs to set-up an outdoor stereo system, and one would be able to play sounds from their receiver while it is situated indoors. All of our recommended stereo receivers are top of the line and come with a remote control so that you can adjust the music or volume while you are outside.

The market today is filled with good-quality stereo receivers that can be used for an outdoor sound system.  For this article, we will take a look at four outdoor stereo receivers that have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, as well as compare and contrast their capabilities.