Our Picks for the Best Portable Speakers & Reviews

If you are not in the market for speakers which require wiring and permanent mounting, portable speakers may be the perfect option for you. Just like the name implies, portable speakers often work via Bluetooth or wireless connection with the music device itself and can be taken with you on the go. The only downfall to these portable speakers in comparison to the outdoor speaker reviews on our site is they are likely to not be waterproof nor capable to handle the changing environments of the outdoors. Having said that, some prefer the flexibility to take these portable speakers with them, to a hotel, beach, party or wherever it might be. Many often use these as a substitute for a marine stereo system on the boat.

For those that are unfamiliar with what exactly a portable speaker is, this is basically a smaller speaker which usually works off of battery power, even if for a limited amount of time and does not require running speaker wire to a stereo receiver. There has been a massive surge in the popularity portable speakers due to the raise in mobile phones and portable music devices. These portable speakers are often times the size of a shoe box or smaller, thus making it easy to pack. With the massive surge of these products naturally comes a flood of the market of all types, brands and sizes of portable speakers. Therefore we have combed the internet for information and reviews and created a list of the top three best portable speakers.

Best Portable Speaker Reviews

Cambridge Audio Minx Go Portable Speaker


Rounding out the list of the top three is the Cambridge Audio Minx Go. The Minx Go offers bluetooth connectivity and USB charging to keep your gadgets charged while on the go. This device is very durable and can easily be tossed into a backpack and will handle the journey to just about anywhere you’d like to go. Often this speaker can be picked up for under $200 which is a value compared to some of the upper end portable speakers.

The Minx Go has 5 speakers built in which serves up enough power to fill a room with sound and the battery will provide up to 18 hours of quality sound. The only complaint that continues to appear across all reviews is that the bass is not as powerful as its competitors. The bass and some of the mids lack crispness compared to the Bose, however the price can come in at half of that compared to its competitors. This is the consideration that needs to be made, can you sacrifice a little bit of sound quality in the bass and kids for a cheaper deal. Read more reviews =>


Klipsch KMC1 Portable Speaker Review (Discontinued)


After spending any time on our site for outdoor speakers you will immediately see our favor of the Klipsch products. Klipsch has earned a fantastic reputation in all things audio, and portable speakers are no exception. The Klipsch KMC 1 Portable comes in at number 2 for the best portable speakers. The KMC 1 boast a super long lasting lithium ion battery which can provide up to 16 hours of listening. Most will likely utilize this speaker via bluetooth connection, however the KMC 1 offers a 3.5 mm connections as well.

Across reviews there seems to be a consistent praise of the quality sound from the lows to the uppers. The KMC 1 measures 4.3″W X 10.2″ and the sound really cranks. The biggest issue we have with the KMC 1 is the price. This is on the upper end of budget for portable speakers. The caveat to the price is the outstanding warranty that Klipsch products come with. A quick view over reviews will reveal that a few people received a defective product or had an issue along the way with their product, of which Klipsch replaced. If you are looking for a solid built product from a quality name in the industry the KMC 1 is a great choice.

Bose SoundLink Mini Portable Speaker


This should not come as a surprise for our top pick of the best portable speakers, the Bose SoundLink Mini. The SoundLink Mini is a #1 best seller on Amazon, and comes in with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with over 2,500 reviews.¬†This statement in itself is a¬†testament to what the people think of the product. The battery life is about half that of its competitors coming in at 7 hours, but this is to be expected with the power of the sound that this device packs. The SoundLink Mini measures 2.0″H X 7.1″ W.

The wireless range is up to 30 ft, allowing you to walk freely around almost room and still maintain connection to the SoundLink Mini. The SoundLink mini is also priced just right for a #1 rating. Priced usually around the $200 mark, this is a nice medium when compared with some of the other best portable speakers available. When taking a glance over those 2500+ reviews on Amazon you’ll quickly see that most have overwhelmingly positive, but the one common complaint is an occasional bluetooth droppage. However, a read a little bit deeper will reveal that most of the time this was due to weak mobile blue tooth supply. Read more reviews on Amazon =>

Want more?? Check out our latest portable speaker review on the Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Rugged Bluetooth Speaker. The number of portable speakers coming on the market is ever increasing and will likely remain this way. The upside to this is speakers will be smaller yet more powerful, the downside being that more cheaper models will also be hitting the market as more and more companies try to cash in on this recent trend. As a final word of advice, those speakers which promise to deliver quality sound, durability and longevity yet are significantly priced below their competitors, it is likely to be for a reason. There will and already are many of these cheap knock off products which will not hold up to the test of time. However, these speakers we have rated as the best portable speakers all come from reputable companies in the industry which use top quality components to provide the best listening pleasures while on the go.