Best Waterproof Floating Pool Speakers

Are you searching for a way to enjoy your pool time more completely? Do you use it for relaxation, parties, or simply playing with your kids? Perhaps you use your pool area for a lot of fun things. Either way, most people who have a swimming pool spend a lot of time in it and more often than not, they are looking for a way to make it better. That is where the best floating pool speakers come in to liven up the great outdoors. Continue reading to learn more about floating pool speakers or skip straight to the reviews.

What Are Outdoor Floating Pool Speakers?

best floating pool speaker

A lot of people have quality outdoor speakers around their back yard swimming pool. They may built into the landscaping around the pool, such as bluetooth rock speakers or blended in the garden, such as the TIC in-ground garden speakers. A floating pool speaker is different. It allows the people in the pool to hear the music right there with them. They are completely waterproof, sound great, and are ideal for pool areas everywhere. As an added bonus, they are small, so that they will not take up your pool space and they are portable. This means if you are going to go somewhere else where water is present, you can take it with you. It is essentially taking the trendy bluetooth shower speakers and making them floatable – the latest rage in ever changing technology.

Where They Are Most Usable?

Many people who own waterproof floating speakers use them in a variety of situations. They may use them in the pool or take them when they go rafting down a river. They make take them to spend a day on the beach or a day on their boat. The simple fact that they are lightweight, small, portable, and waterproof, makes them ideal for any situation that may involve water.

Would You Use One?

If you had the option to use floating pool speakers, would you use them? If you enjoy spending time at the pool, know friends who have pool parties, worry about your speaker getting wet when you go to the beach or out on your boat, then the answer is, “Yes”. These speakers are wireless and fun to have nearby, no matter where you are.

Some of these wireless pool speakers also allow you to talk hands free on your phone while you are in the pool, hot tub, shower, or other “wet” areas. This is also a bonus for people who have a fear of getting their expensive smart phone wet.

Floating Pool Speaker Reviews

AOMAIS Surf Touch Bluetooth Speaker

aomais surf touch floating pool speaker

Our #1 pick for the best floating pool speaker is definitely the AOMAIS Surf Touch bluetooth speaker. But don’t just listen to us – this is also the highest rated speaker on Amazon by real users and currently holds a perfect 5.0 rating. It has sleek design with a touch panel for controlling volume. It also includes a strap and hook making it very convenient to carry with you everywhere, including on your backpack when hiking or camping. It is available in four different colors, including turquoise, blue, gray and black. But most importantly, it sounds great! Many users state that it is surprisingly loud given its compact design and the sound is crystal clear. For such a great price, you really can’t beat it.

The NYNE Multimedia Aqua Pool Speaker

best floating pool speaker

The NYNE is a waterproof floating speaker that connects via Bluetooth. They have a microphone, which enables you to use your cell phone without worrying about it getting wet while you float around the pool. It is designed to float, but has a strap for hanging or holding. This little speaker weighs 1.3 pounds. Some people do feel that it muffles the sound quality if you put it into the pool. However, most people say that it is easy to pair via Bluetooth and that it works fine for them. It currently has a 3.5/5.0 on Amazon which isn’t horrible, but it definitely isn’t great.

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat Floating Speaker

Monster SuperStar BackFloat High Definition Bluetooth Waterproof Floating Speaker

This speaker claims to be a high definition Bluetooth floating speaker. With it, you can easily pair up your smart phone or tablets and enjoy your most favorite music by flipping through the songs using only the buttons on your speaker. It has a built-in microphone so that you can use your speaker as a wireless phone to ensure that your phone stays well away from the water. Overall, people have high reviews where this speaker is concerned. However, some say that it is not so great when it is in the water because just a little splash of water can make the speaker sound go down in quality. It is also one of the more expensive options.

The Pyle PWR95SBL Aqua SunBlast Floating Speaker

pyle bluetooth waterproof floating pool speaker

Overall, this is a speaker that not many people seem to like. Most people say that it is not very loud, not leak proof, and somewhat hard to control, and even though it pairs easily to Bluetooth enabled devices. They also claim that it has a battery life that is too short. However, if you simply want a speaker to be in the pool with you for a little quiet relaxation and you do not have kids or friends with you, it could be great. It works with all devices, it can stream music, even FM radio, and it does have LED lights on it to tell you about the battery. Overall, it is still perhaps one of the least favorite floating pool speakers available, considering the price.

The Brookstone Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

brookstone floating pool speakers

*No Longer Available*

This Brookstone waterproof pool speaker easily paired with any Bluetooth enabled device that you may own. You can stream music or other audio from up to 33 feet away from your devices. Best of all, you can adjust the volume without leaving the pool and going to your device because it has a volume controller built into the speaker. This speaker is one of the cheapest available and can be submerged into water up to 3 feet without worry about damaging it. Some users are totally happy with the speaker, others say it will not float and that the sound quality is horrible. In the reviews, a lot of people say it is great, but could be better.