Bose 131 Flush-Mounted Marine Speakers Review

Bose is a name that most people associate with quality speakers. They promise to provide crisp, clear sound regardless of what type of music you listen to. The true test of their quality is whether the Bose 131 can stand up to everyone’s expectations. Read our Bose 131 flush-mounted marine speakers review to find out if they really are the best boat speakers available.

Features of the Bose 131 Marine Speakers

bose 131 marine speakers review

The Bose 131 marine speakers are designed to fit flush against the sidewall of your boat and still provide excellent sound quality. This is very important if you are looking for the best boat speakers for a boat that may not have a lot of space.

They have full range drivers to ensure high-fidelity sound. However, since all boats are different and each boat deals with unpredictable environmental issues, Bose had to face the challenge head on. They achieved it by adding a proprietary ported enclosure so that the speakers would deliver optimal sound regardless of its location on the boat.

These speakers weigh 10.9lbs when held together so they are approximately 5 pounds each. Each speaker measures 12.6×9.4×11.3 inches, which means that they will fit into any pre-drilled boat speaker holes that you may have on your boat.

Like all Bose outdoor speakers, the Bose 131 speakers have been thoroughly tested to ensure they can hold up against whatever Mother Nature brings their way. This includes salt spray, extreme temperatures, rain, and even snow.

Benefits of the Bose Outdoor Speakersbose 131 marine speakers review

When relaxing on the water, enjoying a day of fishing or boating, there is no reason for you to have to go without your favorite tunes. These Bose outdoor speakers are great for providing music regardless of where you want it. The only thing you need to do is cut a hole if there is not one pre-drilled, wire it up, and enjoy your music. It is designed to handle extreme weather conditions and keep on playing. These speakers were built to be put on a boat, but they can be put anywhere that rain, sun, wind, or other bad weather conditions may be a problem for other speakers. You could even use these speakers out by the pool or in your shower if you wanted to.

What Do Reviewers Think of the Bose Marine Speakers?

When it comes to a Bose 131 marine speakers review the ones that are most useful tell you where it stands out above other speakers and perhaps where it will fall short. One of the biggest things according to some users is that appearances may be deceiving. These speakers fit flush against a wall, therefore, the wall must be cut into for them to stick inside of the wall. This also means that the space between walls should be reasonably wide. Otherwise, the speaker will not fit as flush as you want them to. If you are mounting them inside of a wall within your home, you will have to put them between studs and hope that there is enough space between the sheetrock on one side and the wall that backs it. Read more reviews =>

If you get beyond that issue, most people say these are the best marine speakers they have ever heard. It has drain holes to assure water is not trapped inside of them, they mount in some very tough to get to areas with ease, and the overall quality of them is great. Most are happy that they decided to ignore the price and purchase quality.

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