Bose Headphones Vs Beats by Dre

One of the main reasons people love using headphones is because it ensures that you enjoy the music you want to hear, without interfering with what others may want to listen to. This means you can listen to your favorite audio books, your music, your videos or movies, and anything else that you may want to listen to. A good set of headphones, is the one that provides you with excellent sound quality. They should have the ability to cancel out noise that may be all around you, they need to have the ability to sound great, and most people expect them to be comfortable to wear. That is why many people prefer to stick to a certain brand of headphone, the most popular being Bose and Beats by Dre. If you are curious as to which is really the best, you should read our comparison on the Bose headphones vs. Beats by Dre.

bose vs beats headphones

Bose vs Beats Sound Quality

In the Beats by Dre vs Bose battle to discover which is best, you must first consider how they sound. The Bose QuietComfort headphones holds true to its name brand and provides a deep, powerful sound that enhances the music that you already love. The same thing can be said for the promise that the Beats Studio 2.0 headphones will provide its iconic sound. As you read through user reviews, you will find that both sets have high points for the sound quality according to current owners.

Beats vs Bose for Noise Reduction Ability

bose quietcomfort 25 headphones

Which is best as far as noise reduction in the Bose headphones vs Beats battle is hard to tell at first glance. The Beats offers a dual mode adaptive noise canceling ability that does sound like it should eliminate all possible background noises and the Bose promises you a significant noise reduction for virtually every situation you may one day find yourself in. However, it does seem that Bose wins the stars for noise reduction faster than the Beats according to many reviewers.

Which is More Comfortable?

Discovering whether Bose or Beats is better when it comes to comfort is not an easy task unless you are there to try them on. However, this is not always possible. Both headphone sets are wired, which means they must stay connected to a music source to work. This could be a downside for someone who wants Bluetooth connectivity. They both claim to be lightweight and provide padding around the ears and over the head to make it more comfortable. The Beats weighs in at 9.1 ounces and the Bose weighs a little less at 6.9 ounces so keep that in mind. This is a tie though as it is definitely a personal opinion.

Special Features of Each Headphone Set

beats by dre vs bose headphones

Where the Beats stands out is its ability to allow you to take calls, control your music, and more with a RemoteTalk cable. It also comes with a carrying case that has a carabineer clip on it. It features a rechargeable battery that shows you how much power you have remaining on a gauge. When not in use, the headphones will automatically turn off to conserve the battery. Even when no music is playing, these headphones still promise to give you a quieter world.

The Bose speakers come with a carrying case to protect your headphones when they are not in use. You can also control your music and phone calls with ease as long as you are using them with an Apple device. It does require you to use an AAA battery to keep it powered up.

What Reviewers Think About Bose vs Beats

If you ask the people who have purchased which is best, Bose vs Beats, most seem to prefer the Bose headphones when you look at an overall rating. They have over 2,800 ratings and continue to hold a 4.4-star average on Amazon, whereas the Beats has just under 1,800 votes and an average of 3.9 stars. The biggest complaints about the Beats headphone set is that people feel they should have received a better quality than they did. This does include both sound quality and build, though most people say that it has a great sound quality and seem durable enough for them. Read more Beats reviews =>

There are people that also have issues with the Bose and how they are put together, but no one seems to have any major issues with the sound quality or its other features. Most people do seem to feel that the Bose has perhaps the best noise reduction of any headphone speaker set. Read more Bose reviews =>

In conclusion, its hard to say which headphones are better because it really depends on what features are important to the consumer buying the headphones. The Bose may be just a hair better when it comes to quality and sound, but is it worth the larger price gap? We’ll let you decide…