Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers

Everyone says that Bose speakers are some of the best available. They promise clear sound that can carry throughout the room. Their newest, surround sound speakers are also gaining attention. They promise to be virtually invisible and completely wireless. The question is, do they measure up? Read our Bose Virtually Invisible 300 wireless surround speakers review to find out.bose virtually invisible wall speakers

Features of the Virtually Invisible 300 Speakers

bose wall mount speakers These speakers are the smallest speakers with the Bose name on them. This is to ensure that they remain inconspicuous, but still provide immersive sound. This enables your focus to be on your home entertainment system instead of your speakers.

They measure 3.2 x 3.3 x 3.7 inches and weigh only 2.2 pounds each. They are ultra-light and therefore easy to place where you want them to ensure you get the quality of sound you want to have.

They work best when paired with the Sound Touch 300 sound bar and the Acoustic 300 wireless bass module. This is the easiest way to ensure that you’re fully immersed in sound whether you are playing your favorite music or your favorite movie. With those two devices, you simply have to plug it in and enjoy. However, it is a wireless speaker set so you can place it where you want them to be.

This surround set comes with two speakers, receivers, a power supply, and all necessary cables to connect it. You simply have to decide where you want to place them.

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Possible Issues with the Bose Surround Sound Speakers

These speakers are designed to be used with the soundbar and they will not work without it. This is a problem for some people. They are more of an accessory than standalone speakers. However, if you are already a Bose fan, you will love the excellent sound quality that will come from pairing these with the ST300.

Are Bose Wall Mount Speakers Easy to Install?

bose virtually invisible speakersThese speakers promise to be wireless, but they do require some wiring. The wires go to the transformer and needs to be plugged in. However, they do connect wirelessly to the sound bar. This mean you do not have wires running around the walls of your home. When choosing placement, many people suggest putting the Bose surround speakers near the center of the room to ensure you get the full surround sound experience.

Are Bose Wall Speakers a Good Choice?

Overall, if you have the setup already, these are a great choice in speakers for most people. They do provide the promised sound quality and most people say that they live up to their expectations. However, they also say that if you do not already have the setup, it may not be worth purchasing everything just to be able to use these speakers. Some people feel that they could be better. There are no volume controls on the speaker, but they are exactly what they claim to be as far as virtually invisible and mostly wireless. Therefore, we feel if you are ready for the Bose experience, you should go all out with it.

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