Boss Audio Systems: Best ATV Speakers

Wouldn’t it be great to play your favorite jams while riding your ATV or UTV in the woods and actually be able to hear them? With these Boss Audio speakers, its possible! These are one of the most popular options for four wheeler speakers and one of the most affordable. Let’s talk about why…

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Boss Audio ATV20 6.5″ Powersport

No matter where your adventures take you, these can keep up with your travels. All that you need is an iPod or an MP3 player to tune in to your favorite songs.


To install your Boss ATV20’s, you will need to simply plug and play. You can plug it into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter or wired directly to a battery. If you choose to hard wire it, you do need to make sure that you have a proper fuse rating of 10 amps. This fuse is included in the package with these four wheeler speakers. It also needs to be wired to a switch so that when you are not using it, it will not drain your battery.

Mounting it where you need it is also simple. It comes with two zip ties and 2 heavy Velcro straps to enable you to mount it anywhere.

How to Use Them

Using them is easy. You can connect your system using Bluetooth if you spend a little more for it. The one that does not use Bluetooth requires you to plug it into your music source. It can work off of anything that has a 3.5mm input jack. If your smart phone or four-wheeler stereo has the headphone jack, then you can use it. Some people also have dedicated radios for use with the Boss audio systems.

This speaker is not waterproof, so it should never be submerged in water. However, if you are out riding and it starts to rain, rest assured, it is water resistant. You can splash through puddles and not have to worry about the quality.

Due to the ease of installation, you may also be able to take it from one vehicle to another. This gives you the freedom to use them on the boat, Jet Ski, UTV, and any other vehicle that you may spend time on. You can even listen to your favorite songs while traveling.

atv speakers boss audio systems


The Boss ATV20 is an all-terrain sound system. It gives you two 6.5 inch marine speakers. The dimensions are 26”x7.50×7.50 and weighs 2.8 pounds. It does come with a one year warranty.

As far as sound quality, the frequency response is 15 to 25,000 Hz and it has a signal to noise ratio of 90 dB. It comes with two 1.5 inch soft dome diaphragm high performance tweeters and a built in amplifier. The max power is 450 watts. RMS is 225 watts.


*Ease of Installation
*Water Resistance
*Compatible with a Variety of Devices
*Excellent Sound Quality
*Dust Resistant
*Great Customer Support Staff

Possible Issues 

*Not Waterproof
*Higher Volume Levels May Impact Sound Quality
*Hard Wiring can be complicated

Customer Reviews

Most of the users who have purchased the Boss ATV20 four wheeler speakers are impressed by the quality of it. They say that it can be heard over most vehicles. These people like the way it looks and use it on a variety of vehicles with satisfaction.

The most common concern stems from it not being waterproof. Few users also experience some static when they install it on their vehicle. Read more reviews =>

Overall, Is It Worth It?

For most users, yes, we feel it is certainly worth the investment. This system has consistently high ratings overall. You just need to pay close attention to how you connect it to your vehicle’s battery and know what you are doing first. If you are unsure of how to direct wire it, using the plug and play feature should be the way you use it. The sound quality should be sufficient for any user.

If you are unable to attach your phone, radio, or music devices to your vehicle, you may want to choose the Boss Audio Systems ATV speakers that are able to work through a Bluetooth connection. This is especially true if you want to play it while riding through rough terrain and keep your phone in your pocket. A person who only wants music when they stop riding will be satisfied with either option.