Boston Acoustics Voyager 50 Review

When it comes to a good outdoor speaker, there are a lot of things that go into making it great. It goes beyond whether it is weather resistant or not. The Voyager, an outdoor speaker from Boston Acoustics, promises to deliver excellent sound quality and durability, but does it live up to every expectation? Read our Boston Acoustics Voyager 50 outdoor speakers review to find out.

boston acoustic outdoor speakers review

Features of the Boston Acoustics Voyager

The Boston Acoustics outdoor speakers are available in two different colors; black and white. Both are able to look great noboston acoustics outdoor speakers review
matter where you place them in your yard or on your patios and decks. This is further possible by the included heavy duty C-brackets and a unique wedge shape.

They are specially voiced for open-air environments. This means that they provide quality sound over distances rather than being designed to fill a room with music. This is further encouraged by the fact that it also has internal mounts that are normally used for commercial applications.

The speakers have a Kortec dome tweeter to provide high-frequency sound and a Deep Channel Design that provides more bass. However, it uses less amplifier power than many other speakers.

It has been built and designed to be waterproof and meets all IEC 60529 IPX5 standards. All hardware is rustproof and it has powder coated aluminum grilles. This speaker is also able to resist damage from UV rays thanks to the polypropylene cabinet that covers it.

This speaker has an audio sensitivity of 90dB, an impedance of 8, and a crossover description of 3500Hz. That should be enough sound to make any outdoor environment more enjoyable for everyone who loves music.

Benefits of these Outdoor Speakers

boston acoustics voyager 50By choosing this speaker you are gaining the ability to listen to music regardless of where you are. They work great hidden away in a corner somewhere because of their wedge-shaped design. They are built to withstand even the environment of a boat so that you are never very far away from the music you love. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons it has been voted best outdoor speakers by many. Amazon often offers discounts and free shipping. The question is, are current owners happy with their purchase and will it be right for you?

Boston Acoustics Reviews

According to the Amazon outdoor speakers review that people have left for these speakers after purchasing them, these speakers are definitely worth considering. So far, they are still relatively new speakers, but already they have gained a 4.8 rating. Some people say that they require more power, but have a much better sound than other speakers. They install easily and work in both marine applications and outdoor areas around the house. Read more Amazon reviews =>

Is It Right for You?

If you are interested in having an outdoor speaker set that sounds great and you can hear it over distances within your yard, you are not going to be disappointed by these speakers. Even the few 4-star ratings that were given by some current owners, do not have complaints, but simply 4 stars because the person chose to not give it a five star for some reason. Read more on Boston Acoustics =>