Brookstone Big Blue Party Wireless Indoor Outdoor Speaker

Nothing has the power to instantly create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for your social gathering like that of the music you choose. What easier way to accomplish this goal than with a portable wireless speaker system? The Brookstone portable speaker may be the ultimate party favor. No need to stress about where you will get your music for your next party. Whether enjoying your music alone, or entertaining a group, simply pair your preferred device with the Brookstone Big Blue Party Wireless Outdoor Speaker and click on your favorite playlist.   With the Brookstone speakers, you are well on your way to a memorable event with one less thing to worry about!

brookstone wireless outdoor speakers

Features of the Brookstone Portable Speaker 

  • The Brookstone portable speaker is wireless and powerful.brookstone portable outdoor speaker
  • The Brookstone wireless speaker is built for indoor, as well as outdoor use.
  • This portable wireless speaker is water resistant, so it is perfect for poolside or even the beach.
  • The Bluetooth speaker connects from up to a 33 foot distance.
  • The Brookstone outdoor speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery which can last more than 4 ½ hours. This means no cords, no wires, and no hassle.
  • The Brookstone portable speaker is easy to transport with its easy grip handle.
  • The Brookstone speakers include a subwoofer as well as a passive radiator power of 72 watts and thundering bass sound.
  • The Brookstone outdoor speaker delivers high quality sound to every area of your party with its four full range speakers.
  • The Brookstone wireless speaker includes an AC adapter which will work with any standard outlet.
  • The Big Blue Party speaker can be used with the included power cord while the battery is charging, so you are never without use of the the portable speaker sound.
  • This wireless system can conveniently be used as a home audio system when used with your television or other home electronics.
  • Unlike many wireless Bluetooth speakers, the Brookstone wireless speaker includes controls for bass and treble which allow you to customize your preferred sound.
  • An extended warranty can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Possible Issues with the Brookstone Wireless Speaker

brookstone bluetooth speakersAs with every product, consumers usually report having some issues. Listed below are the issues reported by users of the Brookstone wireless speaker:

  • The Brookstone speaker is reported, by a few, to lose connection if their device is moved around too much.
  • Some users would prefer the battery life to be prolonged.
  • The Brookstone portable speaker weighs about twelve pounds.

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The price is comparable to the Bose Soundlink Mini and many state that the Brookstone actually sounds better which is pretty surprising. 

All in all, the Brookstone Big Blue Party wireless sound system seems to be a great product which delivers a great sound at a good value. At home, indoor, or outdoor, the powerful speaker on the Brookstone portable speaker comes across and sends out a crisp clear audio experience. So, for your personal use, or for use at your next barbecue, blowout, or bash; The Brookstone wireless speaker would make a great addition by helping you create the perfect setting and surroundings by delivering the sound of music.

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