Dual 3 Way Indoor Outdoor System

Finding a great set of speakers is not an easy task, especially if you are looking for speakers that can go indoors and out along with you. That is where these indoor outdoor speakers come in. They are sold by Dual Electronics and they are guaranteed to provide quality sound at an affordable price.

Features of the Dual Indoor Outdoor Speakers

dual indoor outdoor speakers

These 3 way outdoor speakers are weather resistant regardless of what type of weather they are exposed to. You can attach them so that they are temporarily in place or attach them as a permanent fixture.

These speakers are designed to deliver great sound, whether you are indoors or out. You can depend on them to provide quality sound in a medium sized to large back yard area, which also makes them ideal for the pool area and more.

The mounting bracket is on a pivot so that you can change the direction of the speaker sound at a 130-degree rotation. It is a feature that ensures that no matter where you are, you will have excellent sound in that direction.

You can choose from a set a black speakers or white, depending on your decor and where you hope to put your speakers permanently. Black will blend in well in most areas, white will work best in rooms that have lighter colors.

In every room, or every outdoor area you plan to be enjoying music in, these dual indoor outdoor speakers will impress you. They provide ample bass and provide clear music at all times. All you have to do is connect them to your stereo. These are compatible with any stereo system that is inside or outside of your home using 16-gauge speaker wire. It will not connect to your laptop or other devices. Get more specs =>

Why Amazon Loves These 3 Way Outdoor Speakers

dual outdoor speakersThese dual outdoor speakers have amassed an outstanding 4.3-star rating after more than 1,500 reviews. Most every reviewer states that they are great speakers at a very affordable price. They state that even over a distance there is very little to no distortion regardless of what type of music you are enjoying. These speakers have great high and low tones. Some reviewers even state that regardless of where they are in the yard, they hear the music, but it is not blaring loud from one direction. This is good for covering a large area in sounds. Even after getting wet, these speakers are able to play clearly, which is a definite bonus to outdoor speakers that may have issues when wet.

The only possible downside to them is that they are designed more for outdoor use than indoor and it does show in the sound quality. There are also people who feel that the mounting brackets do need a little more reinforcement than they have from the factory, but this does not hinder their appreciation of these speakers.

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