GSPON Universal Bluetooth Speaker with FM and Flashlight

One of the great things about Bluetooth is the fact that you are free from wires. Therefore, you have to wonder what good is it to have a Bluetooth speaker that is tied down by wires? GSPON had found a way to solve the problem. It is a wireless speaker that connects to Bluetooth devices easily and it has a variety of other great features. Are you ready to see what the GSPON Universal Bluetooth speaker can do?

Features of the GSPON Speaker

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The GSPON uses a universal Bluetooth chip to ensure it works with a large variety of devices with ease. It is not a speaker that you will have to worry about whether it will link with your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices.

It can be used as an outdoor speaker. It is small and portable enough to travel with you anywhere that you want to go. That is why there is a wrist strap attached so that you can take music with you and not have to worry about putting it in your bag. Overall, it measures 6.6 x 4.3 x 1.7in and weighs 8.8 ounces.

gspon universal bluetooth speaker with flashlightIf you don’t want to listen to your music, no problem. It supports FM radio functions. This means that it can search regional stations to allow you to enjoy new music options.

When you are connected to your device, you can carry this ultra-portable speaker up to 10 meters away from it. This means when you are out by the pool, your tablet or computer can stay indoors.

This is also one of a kind in the fact that it is a Bluetooth speaker with flashlight. The flashlight is on the end and can light up the night with ease.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker can also double as a power bank for your smartphone. It has a 12-hour battery on it. In the event that your cell phone is not charged, you can also use the TF card where you have your favorite music stored and ready to go.

It is champagne gold in color with a frequency response of 120HZ-18HZ. This ensures great sound quality.

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Benefits of Owning the GSPON Bluetooth Speaker

universal bluetooth speaker with fm Most owners say that it is the best wireless speaker they have found. They like that it is affordable, they like the sound quality, and women like that it feels like they are carrying an evening bag when they are actually enjoying their music. They do say that it is easy to connect to both IOS and Android devices. Most like that it has plenty of volume and provides quality sound even when you have it turned up very loud.

Possible Issues According to Owners

As with all things, there are possible issues with this Bluetooth wireless speaker. However, there are not many negative reviews for it. There is one person who stated that the sound is not clear enough for their needs because it is too small, another stated that they were having trouble understanding the instructions on how to set it up, and another said that it stopped working after a month. However, it still holds an average rating of 4.5-stars, which should prove that issues are very rare.

Is the GSPON Universal Bluetooth Speaker Worth It?

As you read through the owner reviews, there are numerous people who say that they will recommend this speaker to others, no matter where you are looking for reviews on it. We have also given it a long hard look and we feel that if you want a very small, very portable, and great sounding speaker, you will not go wrong with the GSPON. It is perhaps the best Bluetooth speaker available in its price range and portability is at a max with it.

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