Hidden Outdoor Speakers for Your Garden and Patio

As a general rule, people who have a patio or a garden area, do not want bulky items that are unnatural looking crowding up their space. They create it because they want a place that is peaceful and relaxing. They want a place where they can simply enjoy the beauty of nature. However, those same people may also enjoy listening to music while they are relaxing. This poses a problem that speaker manufacturers work hard on solving. They strive to provide the best hidden outdoor speakers for your garden and patio.

Create a Magical Outdoor Space with Sound

Instead of having a bulky set of speakers that are black or white, wouldn’t you rather have something that blends in to your outdoor space? Most people agree that they do not want ugly speakers near their pond, water fountain, or even their swimming pool. They do not want bulky speakers hidden in their shrubs or amid their roses. They want something nicer and something that will allow them to relax with their favorite music. They want something that isn’t an eye sore in their outdoor space that they put their heart into creating. For that reason, we have found the best hidden outdoor speakers so that you can go on and create a space that you love being in.

Top 5 Hidden Outdoor Speakers

Niles Audio GS4 Discreet Garden Speakers

discreet garden speakers

These speakers are very discreet when hidden among the bushes in your yard. They are small enough to not be noticed by people who are not looking for them. These speakers are only 4-inches and have a mineral-filled polypropylene woofer and a 1-in Teteron tweeter. They also have an ultra-wide dispersion so that you can be sure you have the most sound possible in your outdoor area. You can mount the speaker using a stake or wall mount it.

OEM Systems High Performance Planter Speaker

oem systems planter speaker

What could be better than having your speaker system hidden in planters? These decorative outdoor speakers look great in every area of your yard. These planter speakers are usable as an actual planter and have a 5-1/4” woofer and two 3/4-in poly tweeters. The impedance is 8 ohms.

ION Planter Speaker

best planter speaker for patio

These wireless speakers allow you to connect to any device with Bluetooth. They have a rechargeable battery built in and the battery can last all day while playing music. It can be used as an actual planter and can hold any medium sized plant. This ensures it looks great in your outdoor environment. There is a 1/8-in output available on it if you want to connect it to other speakers.


tic inground garden speakers

These speakers are green to blend in well with shrubbery. Their 5.5-in polypropylene/Mylar construction houses a speaker that puts out the sound in all directions. They have 80-watts of full range output and a 4.5 Khz crossover. They are also very affordable, which is something that many people like about them.

Connoisseur Frog Garden Bluetooth Speaker

decorative speakers

Can you imagine creating a garden space that has sound coming from a decorative speaker that is designed to be seen? With this speaker from SPI Home, you can have just that. It comes in the form of a frog who is laid back, sipping wine. It measures 11.5”D 15.5”W x 16” tall. It weighs in at 9.5 pounds so you do not have to worry about it blowing away in the wind and the sound quality is as good as the frog looks.