Ion Audio Job Rocker Heavy-duty Portable Speaker System Review

Nothing makes a long work day go by more quickly than being able to listen to your favorite music. Working during the big game? Not a problem with the Ion Job Rocker.   Not just any Bluetooth sound system will do on a busy construction worksite or in an industrial setting. That is where the Ion Job Rocker comes in. The Ion Audio Job Rocker Portable Heavy Duty Bluetooth Speaker System was designed with the rugged environment of an industrial job site in mind. This wireless sound system is built to be used and abused as well as being able to tolerate continual movement. Constructed to withstand the dirt and grime of a dusty jobsite, this wireless sound system ion radio is ready for anything. Let’s take a look at all of the special features of, what just might be known as, the best job site radio to hit the market.

ion job rocker review

Features of the Ion Job Rocker

  • best job site radioWireless for your worksite, the Ion job rocker delivers a superior full -bodied music or sports experience that comes right from your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device, and it streams music up to 100 feet away.
  • Includes a built-in AM/FM radio and a 50 watt speaker system.
  • Built to be tough with heavy duty handles constructed of chrome-plated steel and includes protective corner bumpers.
  • A metal grill which runs the full length of the speaker protects it from the common hazards of most jobsites.
  • It is made with rubberized knobs and controls to make handling easy, even while wearing gloves.
  • The ion radio includes two built in AC power outlets to allow for powering tools, lights, and more.
  • This Ion radio is also encased in a durable wooden cabinet.
  • Both portable and easily rechargeable, this wireless sound system ion radio is perfect for use indoors or out.

Ion Job Rocker User Reviews

best job site radioConsumers who have purchased the Ion radio confidently report that the sound cannot be beat. This Bluetooth sound system has been rated a 4.4 stars by customers on Amazon. The battery is long lasting, and the volume is loud enough for outdoor use, even when it is competing with other noises. Buyers not only use this wireless sound system for worksites, but also for camping, social events, and other outdoor activities. Users agree that the possibilities of use with this ion radio are endless. Read more user reviews =>

In conclusion, the Ion Audio Job Rocker could easily be one of the best jobsite radios for your needs. Add music to your workday to pass the time more quickly, or take this dependable ion radio along on your next camping trip. Either way, the Ion Job Rocker is, unquestionably, built to perform in the harshest of environments. This ion radio can handle constant movement, and can also protect itself from dust and dirt, as well as other possible contaminants. So, when shopping for your next jobsite ion radio, you should take a very close look at the Ion Audio Job Rocker sound system.

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