Ion Audio Tailgater Reviews

Everyone is looking for more when it comes to a speaker system. That is why Ion Audio has attempted to outdo all others with the Ion Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker, PA system, radio, and charging port. Is it the setup you have been hoping for? Read our review to find out what makes this speaker sound so great.

Features of the Ion Audio Tailgater

ion audio tailgater reviews

The Tailgater has a rechargeable 50-hour battery life, even if you are using it as a power bank to charge your smart phone, tablet, or other devices. This is a longer amount of time than most all other speakers and devices.

It features an AM/FM radio with extendable antennae. The display shows clearly and it is fully digital. If you prefer to listen to your own music library, you can connect via Bluetooth through both iOS and Android apps. When you are connected via Bluetooth, you can play/pause the music or fast forward/skip and rewind.

It has a 1/8” auxiliary input microphone so that you can sing karaoke if that is what you enjoy. There is an included cable to make this easier. When using the microphone, you can adjust the EQ settings and add sound effects.

The speaker has 50 watts of power along with a great sounding woofer and a wide dispersion tweeter. This ensures quality sound so that you can make many memories, even up to 100ft from the speaker itself.

This multi-function tailgating machine is built to be able to handle whatever adventures you go on. It has rubberized corners so that bumps will not affect the way it works.

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Is the Ion Audio Tailgater Everything You Want?ion audio tailgater reviews

The Tailgater is perfect for getting out of the house and enjoying the adventures outdoors. However, it does not have wheels or extendable handles. This means that when you want to move it from the tailgate to the house or pool area, you will have to carry it. The fact that it weighs 17 pounds can mean that it is a little heavy for portable speakers. It also has only one speaker woofer and tweeter, this means that it does not put off a lot of sound, but it should be sufficient for most people who are simply there to have a great time.

Reviews of the Ion Audio Tailgater Bluetooth

Overall, there are a lot of positive reviews for this music machine. It holds steady at an average rating of 4.5-stars. Most people say that it is the best thing they could have ever purchased, even if it does not have enough sound to shake the rafters of their neighbor’s house. They love how small the Ion Audio is in comparison to other speakers that are similar to it and they enjoy all that it is able to do for them. Most all reviewers would recommend that the people they know purchase this speaker and many of them have already purchased it for a friend or two. That should tell you it is definitely worth the money.

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