JBL Northridge Indoor Outdoor Bookshelf Speakers

When it comes to great speakers, there are a lot of people who prefer to have the JBL name brand on them. They have a lot of desirable speakers and come at a price that is affordable. However, old and new fans alike may question whether the JBL Northridge weather resistant bookshelf speakers are going to live up to their expectations. Read our JBL outdoor speakers review to find out for yourself whether these small speakers really pack some powerful bass.

JBL outdoor speakers

Features of the JBL Outdoor Speakers

This is a set of 4-inch bookshelf speakers that work indoors or outdoors. They are completely weather resistant to work in either situation.

These JBL home speakers are two-way speakers. They have 4-inch WeatherPlas cone woofers and 0.75-inch titanium laminated dome tweeters. This ensures that sound quality is going to be excellent, even though they are not very large speakers. They are able to handle 100 watts’ max amp power.

JBL has included a FreeFlow flared port to ensure that bass response is great. You will not notice the unwanted distortion that may come from other speakers.

With these speakers, you get everything you need to put them where you want them. The installation kit offers wall mounting brackets and 5-way binding posts.

These JBL indoor outdoor speakers are covered by a full 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind when you purchase them. This is one of the best warranty plans on the market for speakers that work whenever and wherever you need them.

Benefits of the JBL Indoor Outdoor Bookshelf Speakers 

According to most JBL outdoor speaker reviews from current owners, these speakers are wonderful. A lot of the people who have purchased them say that they provide crisp sound regardless of whether you are listening to songs with a lot of bass or simply have the volume turned up. They also look great and are made to be durable.

If there are complaints about this JBL speaker set, it is that you may want to have a subwoofer hooked up if you do like your bass. Other than that, there are some who say that they did not receive the promised mounting brackets. However, with these complaints, most people still admit that they are quality speakers. Read more user reviews =>

Are They the Best Bookshelf Speakers?

If you are looking for the best outdoor speakers, JBL seems to be a good choice for most people. They are basic, small speakers that will fit in or blend in where you need them. A lot of people use them as a part of their surround sound setup, but there are just as many who use them exclusively as a way to listen to their favorite music inside or outside of their home. With that being said, if you are looking for the absolute best JBL speakers, you may want to continue your search. They are small speakers with great sound, but they are not designed to be the best that money can buy. It simply depends on the sound quality that you want and the space that you have available to put them.

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