Klipsch AW-525 Speaker Review

When it comes to speakers, most people know the Klipsch name brand. They provide quality speakers at a somewhat affordable price in comparison to other speakers that match their quality. The Klipsch AW-525 is an outdoor speaker that promises to be true to the Klipsch name in quality. Do they live up to the promise implied by the name or is a total waste of money for you to consider it? Read our Klipsch AW-525 outdoor speakers review and find out what others are saying.

klipsch aw-525 outdoor speakers

Features of the Klipsch AW-525 Outdoor Speakers

These Klipsch outdoor speakers offer high sensitivity and power handling, while they resist UV damage and remain paintable. All of this together means that when you have these speakers you can put them where you want them and you do not have to worry about damage that may affect them or their performance. It also means you can paint them to blend in with their surroundings rather than stick out like an obvious speaker.

It features a 90-degree x 90-degree Tractrix Horn tweeter that provides clear highs and lows. This proves that the sound quality you are hoping for could be within your reach.

It has 75 watts of power handling ability with a 300-watt peak. There is also a Bass reflex that comes from a dual front firing port.

This speaker weighs only 6.6 pounds and measures in at 9x8x11.8in. This makes it small enough to fit virtually anywhere, but large enough to ensure you can hear it all around your yard.

More Details on the Klipsch AW-525 Speakers

Benefits of the Klipsch Outdoor Speakers

This is one of the best outdoor speakers because it resists all types of environmental situations and still remains a solid playing system. You can put it on a patio, a terrace, your balcony, in your pool area, and anywhere else that you want music without complication. All it takes to hook it up is 12-gauge wire and a music source.

This speaker looks a little bulky on in its picture, but the design of it is not horrible. The fact that it is paintable means you can hide in the bushes and disguise it. There is a handle on it to ensure that it sits stable where you put it and if you want to hang it from somewhere, you can use the handle for that as well.

What Are Amazon Reviewers Saying?

There are not many reviews for this speaker available at this time. However, the ones that are available sound very promising for an outdoor speakers review. There are some that say they are not the quality that they had hoped for or expected. Others on Amazon say that they are easy to install and work exactly as they had hoped. They say the sound quality is awesome. As you search the web for other opinions regarding these speakers, you will find that as a general rule, these speakers are rated well everywhere. This means if you are a person who shops based on the way others think about a product; you are most likely going to love the Klipsch AW-525 speakers.

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