Polk vs Klipsch Outdoor Speakers

When most people think of outdoor speakers, they think of two brands that have already proven they are able to provide excellent sound quality and extreme durability. The names Polk and Klipsch have earned the title of most respected brands and it should not be surprising that most Amazon users have to ask, which one is truly the best outdoor speakers in the battle of Klipsch vs Polk. In order to help you narrow down your choices, we have compared the two speakers to make it easier for you to see them side by side.

polk vs klipsch speakers

Difference Between Polk and Klipsch Outdoor Speakers

polk atrium 6 outdoor speakersThe Polk Audio Atrium 6 outdoor speakers promise to provide the smooth, broad high-end range that most people want from their outdoor speakers. This is thanks to the newly designed tweeter phase cap that smooths out the frequency response from 12KHz and up to 20kHz. It is completely immune to the elements of an outdoor environment because of an anodized aluminum tweeter domes and rubber surrounds. Each speaker weighs in at 5.4 pounds and measures 8.8 x 7.8 x 11.8in. Read more =>

On the other hand, Klipsch AW650 outdoor speakers are designed with a 6.5in IMG klipsch aw650 outdoor speakerswoofer and a 1in polymer dome tweeter that is sealed in an ABS enclosure. It is ideal for gardens, balconies, or the poolside. It can handle 85 watts and up to 340 peak watts. Each speaker measures in at 9.5 x 15 x 11in and weighs 9 pounds. They are made in the USA. Read more =>

Price Difference of Outdoor Speakers

If you are concerned with price, you should know that a set of these Klipsch outdoor speakers will cost more than the set of speakers from Polk. A set of Klipsch speakers will cost you upwards of $300. Polk speakers are under $300 with free shipping on Amazon.

What Do Reviewers Say?

In the battle of Polk vs Klipsch speakers, you will want to take a look at the reviews. The Polk Atrium 6 speaker set has an average rating of 4.8 stars with over 70 reviews. People who own them claim that they are awesome speakers that provide excellent sound quality and bass even after years of use. Most people state that the sound is clear of the noise that comes with many outdoor speakers. Of the 4 star reviews, the people state that it is great for small areas because their base and volume could be a little better for them. Read more Polk reviews =>

The Klipsch AW-650 has an impressive 4.9-star rating after 48 reviews. Most people feel that they provide excellent sound for the price of them. The biggest issue is that the bass causes it to vibrate some. They are large speakers according to some and this could be an issue for some people who do not have a lot of space. Even though they are designed for smaller spaces, many people say that their sound can carry quite a distance before losing its quality. Read more Klipsch reviews =>

In short, both speakers are great at what they are designed for. If you opt to save a little money, you should still be happy with your purchase. Many people who have the Klipsch have already owned a set of speakers by them and they are happy with their purchase. The same can be said for Polk speakers. It is all what you personally prefer, but they are comparable to one another in most ways.