Portico Solar Sound: Solar Powered Outdoor Table and Speaker

When it comes to speakers, most are basic speakers that either work very well or don’t work at all. The Portico Solar Sound is different. It is a solar powered outdoor table and speaker set that many people are taking notice of. Do you think it would work well on your deck or patio? Read our full review of the Portico Solar Sound: Solar powered outdoor table and speaker.

Features of the Portico Solar Sound Speakers

solar powered outdoor speakers

These speakers are Bluetooth enabled outdoor speakers. This means that you can hook them up wirelessly to any mobile device that you have, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

They are in the shape of an end table, so you can use it for a variety of things, but also function as a patio light and a self-charging solar panel all in one with the speaker. This makes these solar powered outdoor speakers, multi-functional.

It does not require any plugs or wires. The full battery, once fully charged, will last 6-8 hours on solar power alone. It runs off a 3.7V 4400mA rechargeable battery. However, if you prefer to listen longer, there is an AC charging adapter included. It is 10V and 1A.

The table includes two 2.75 full-range speakers with passive subwoofers. This ensures that they sound great at all times. It does not matter what type of what music you are playing. It will play bass as impressive as all other speakers.

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Pros and Cons of Solar Powered Speakerssolar powered bluetooth speaker

One of the best things about this solar Bluetooth speaker is the fact it is dual purpose furniture. It is ideal for any deck or patio and the sound quality is great. Most people also seem to enjoy the way that it looks. One of the major issues with this solar powered speaker is that the 8W solar panel does require 12 hours of direct sunlight to reach its full charge. This may be impossible on cloudy or rainy days. However, it does not seem to be a major issue for most people since they do not use it on a daily basis.

Reviews on the Portico Solar Bluetooth Speaker

solar powered outdoor speakersMost people agree that this solar powered Bluetooth speaker is a great item to have. They say that it sounds great and can be heard throughout their yard. However, most do admit that it could be a little louder, but this isn’t bad because their neighbors do not seem to mind when they are playing their music when it is turned up. Many say that it is perhaps the coolest thing they have found in quite a while and most do say that it charges up easily and seems to be ready when they want to use it. That is why this speaker has an average rating of 4.8-stars, which should tell you the quality of it. You can learn more about what people have to say about the Portico Solar Sound Outdoor Speaker and Table here.

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