Pyle Waterproof and Bluetooth System

When it comes to speakers, most people have a few qualities that they feel make them great, especially when it comes to outdoor speakers. Pyle is a brand of speaker that many people do associate with quality, but do their outdoor Bluetooth speakers measure up? Read our Pyle outdoor speakers review to find out.

pyle outdoor waterproof speakers

Features of the Pyle Outdoor Speakers

These speakers come in pairs that are either 600W or 800W and use the Active and Passive speaker system setup, which means that you are able to daisy chain the active speaker to the passive one. Each speaker is made with 6.5” woofers and a 1.0” dome tweeter to give you a full range of sound.

You can trust them to be the best Pyle marine speakers because they are built using marine grade waterproof construction. However, they are also usable as indoor speakers and you will still have clear sound. It does have gold plated speaker plug terminals.

They are able to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth so that you can stream your favorite music and it can work with all of your devices. There is also a 2 channel amplifier to make certain it will work with your devices.

When using these speakers as normal stereo speakers, you have an RCA (L/R) audio input connector jack. There is a single RCA speaker output connector jack on the 800W and 600W.

You can choose Pyle outdoor speakers that are either white or black. This enables you to choose a color based on where you hope to put them and they can be as visible or as invisible as you want, which is especially helpful in a pool area or patio.

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What Do Owners Say About Pyle Speakers?

These speakers have an average rating of 3.5 stars. Most people say that they are excellent speakers that provide superior sound quality whether indoors or out. They say that the bass is impressive and that it does connect wirelessly to their Bluetooth devices without a lot of effort. Most people enjoy the fact that they are budget friendly and easy to listen to, even when the volume is turned up. The downside is that some people feel the sound quality could be better than it is. They do not feel that it has enough sound to cover their entire yard, but this is hard to determine if you do not know how large of an area they are trying to fill with music. Considering that most people love them, it cannot be too big of a problem for most people.

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Are the Pyle Waterproof Speakers Worth Buying?

Everything on the internet says that they are definitely worth considering. There are a lot of undeniable positive thoughts according to the Pyle speakers review on most websites. It may not be the ideal speaker set for you if you have a very large yard, but for the price, it should give you adequate listening options in a yard that is decent sized.