Acoustic Research Wireless Lantern Speakers Review

The Acoustic Research brand name has been around for more than 60 years. We have them to thank for the universal remote and dome tweeters. Now, many people are excited about the outdoor speakers that they are also gaining notice for. Are they providing the quality you can expect from this household name and can they compete with the top rated outdoor speakers on the market? You can be the judge by reading the Acoustic Research wireless outdoor speakers review.

Features of these Wireless Speakers

acoustic research speakers review

The Acoustic Research wireless speakers are 900MHz of power. With it you can use your speakers wirelessly for up to 150ft away from the transmitter and always experience high quality sound no matter where you are, inside or out. It also has three broadcasting frequencies for you to choose from so that you will always have the best reception possible. The frequency response curve is 40Hz-15 kHz. It also has an impedance of 4 and a crossover of 3. This speaker uses only 5 watts of RMS power range amplifiers.

It is powered by either the AC/DC power adapter or you can use it without an outlet with 6AA batteries. If you choose the battery option, you can still expect it to play for up to 12 hours on a single set.

When you purchase Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers, you will get either the “Main Street” or “Mission Style” speaker, the transmitter, a mini jack to stereo lead adapter and a 3.5mm cable. This means that is usable when paired with your MP3 player, AV receiver, smartphone, tablet, or any other audio device that you may have, even an older stereo that requires you to plug a wire directly into the AUX in.

If you want more music from your speaker, you can easily add multiple units to the same transmitter. No matter how many you own, you can always move them easily from one area to another because this speaker is a lightweight 5.4 pounds. Its dimensions are 13.9×7.4×8.4 inches.acoustic research outdoor speakers review

Advantages of The “Lantern” Speakers

  • Portability
  • Wireless to 150 Feet
  • 3 Broadcasting Frequencies
  • Powered by Battery or AC/DC
  • Two Styles Available
  • 40Hz Frequency
  • Usable with Most Devices

Possible Issues

  • Some users feel that the sound quality is poor
  • Still requires some wiring
  • Weather Resistant, Not Weather Proof

Are the Acoustic Research Speakers For You?

According to the Acoustic Research speaker reviews you will find on the web, most people are very happy with these outdoor speakers. People love the way they are designed, the fact that they are weather resistant, and that it has such an amazing signal. However, many other people, even the ones who give it high ratings, do say that the sound quality is a little lower than they would have liked. This could be caused by various issues, including signal interruptions. Read more reviews =>

Overall though, if you plan to use it for your personal enjoyment on camping trips or when spending time outside with your family, you may enjoy this speaker. Even if you are bothered by the fact that the volume is low, it is priced low enough that you could purchase a couple different speakers to spread out the sound a little more.

More on the Acoustic Research Speakers =>

  • Sound
  • Durability
  • Bass
  • Size
  • Price
User Review
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Pros: The portability of these speakers and the 150-ft wireless transmitting make these a popular choice among consumers looking for an outdoor speaker. They operate on 3 broadcasting frequencies so you will always have the best sound and are powered with batteries or AC/DC power adapter, playing up to 12 hours on battery.
Cons: Common complaints with these speakers are that the sound quality did not meet expectations. Additionally, there have been issues with signal interruptions and it is important to note that these are weather resistant, not weather proof.

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