Bose 151 SE Environmental Outdoor Speakers Review

What fun is a having a party if you can’t have tunes to go along with it? A good set of speakers can take any party and make it more exciting. This can pose a problem for outdoor activities. Pool parties, backyard barbeques, and family reunions or even simply hanging out with a few of your closest friends outside, use to mean you had horrible sounding speakers or nothing at all. This is where the Bose 151 outdoor speakers come in. Will the Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers be enough to impress you?

Bose Outdoor Speakers 151

bose 151 outdoor speakers

These Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers have a glass-filled speaker cone to provide you with excellent and reliable sound while in the great outdoors. They can be easily installed by using the water resistant brackets that are included. It is able to handle even the most extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, salt, and every low temperatures. Even fog and high humidity areas will not have any impact on these powerful speakers thanks to the polypropylene cabinet that houses the speaker’s inner workings. Much like the Bose 251 Environmental speakers, these are a favorite among Bose outdoor speakers.

Bose 151 Specs

  • Color Choices: Black and White
  • Recommended Power: 10-100 watts with receivers rated 4-8 ohms
  • Enclosure: Brass Reflexbose 151 outdoor speakers review
  • Woofer Size: 2- 1/2
  • Woofer Composition: Glass Filled Poly
  • Height: 4-9/16
  • Width: 12-5/16
  • Weight: 11.7 pounds

Pros of the Bose 151 Speakers

  • Able to Withstand 158F to -40F temperatures
  • Completely Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Comes with Everything You Need to Hook Up and Install

Bose 151 Speaker Reviews

Most owners agree that they have no issues with these speakers. They love using them according to the many Bose 151 reviews. They have survived many years of harsh weather and still go strong. Some people do have other issues with these speakers. They are people who admittedly have put their speakers in extremely hot and cold areas. They work great for indoor and outdoor use. The simple fact that most users are able to give them a five star rating definitely goes a long way in making them well worth a second glance.

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Are The Bose 151 Speakers Worth it?

Overall the Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers do seem like an excellent speaker choice and are still ranked among the top rated speakers. They come with everything that you could possibly need to set them up and if you put a little bit of care into them, they should last you for several years and many seasons. The key to taking care of them is to avoid putting them into areas where severe weather will hit them the hardest. Try not to put them where snow may pile up and sit for days and try to avoid putting them in direct sunlight.

The Bose 151 speakers are lightweight enough to hang anywhere. You can choose the color that fits your environment. They make back yard parties more exciting because you will have quality sound to go along with your most favorite music. What more could you possibly want out of speakers for your home inside or out? They can only improve what you may already have outside regarding sound.

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Pros: The Bose 151 Speakers are extremely durable. They are completely waterproof and weather resistant, engineered to withstand 158F to -40F temperatures therefore protecting your investment. Furthermore, they are backed by a 5 year warranty. These speakers have a sleek and modern design and installation is made simple as everything is included in the box.
Cons: Few consumers have had issues with their speakers not lasting, though admittedly leaving them in harsh environments for lengthy periods of time. It is best to avoid leaving them in severe weather, such as leaving them sit where snow will be piling up for days.