Bose FreeSpace 51 Environmental Outdoor Speakers

With a consumer rating of 4.7/5.0, the Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers remain one of the highest rated outdoor speakers and one of Bose’s most popular outdoor speakers. These are often referred to as “landscape speakers” due to their rugged and exceptionally durable shell engineered for 360 degrees of superior sound coverage amongst your garden, deck or patio.

bose freespace 51 outdoor speakers

Features of the Bose FreeSpace 51’s

This non-directional radial design is what makes these speakers stand out among the rest. There is no longer a need to limit your listening coverage to just one area. They are designed for in-ground or above-ground installation and the green outer coating allows you to place them discreetly in your garden where they seamlessly blend with your landscaping. These weather resistant speakers can survive in just about any environmental condition due to their durable casing enabling them to resist rain, sleet, snow, salt, sun and ice, as well as extreme temperatures between -40 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, they’ve been put through a rigorous salt fog test and surpassed the Marine Industry Standard by lasting 66% longer than required. To say the Bose Free Space 51 speakers are impressive is an understatement.

Not only do the Bose Free Space 51 speakers stand out for their enduring and cutting edge design, but they still manage to deliver a sound performance of the highest quality. The downward-firing, full range driver allows for a rich, dynamic sound that could rival a set of premium indoor speakers. The dome shape of the grille enables the high frequency tones to reflect into the listening space creating a superior and consistent listening experience.  With 50 watts of peak power handling and RMS power range, they won’t blow you away with their bass response like that of the Definitive Technology AW6500’s, but they still manage to emit a good deal of power for a broad range outdoor environment.

bose freespace 51 outdoor speakers

Should You Buy the Bose In-Ground Outdoor Speakers?

We really have nothing bad to say about the beloved Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers. Not only does their durable design and clear, quality sound make them a fan favorite, but they are continuously praised on Amazon reviews for their ease of installation even when placed in-ground. Actually, using them in an in-ground setting is really recommended (with the proper outdoor speaker wire), especially for providing a more powerful bass as the dirt can act as a good insulator. Regardless, these speakers might be a little pricey but are well worth the money for a good quality speaker in return. Don’t forget that Bose also offers a limited 5 year warranty with their outdoor speakers, like that of the Bose 151 or Bose 251 Outdoor Speakers. You won’t regret your investment into these Bose speakers as they are sure to consistently fill your outdoor area with beautiful music to your ears.

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Pros: These speakers stand out among the rest with their cutting edge, circular design that emits 360 degrees of dynamic sound providing a broader listening area that is non location-specific. Designed for in-ground or above-ground installation, the green finish blends in seamlessly with your outdoor garden and landscaping.
Cons: These speakers are often compared with the Definitive Technology AW6500's and tend to lack in bass response in comparison. Some consumers suggest an addition of a sub-woofer which would then make these speakers practically unbeatable.