OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker Reviews

Who doesn’t like having the option to listen to music when outside hosting a family barbecue or hanging out by the pool on a warm summer’s day? Ideally, it would be a set of indoor outdoor speakers. However, no one wants to have wires running everywhere just so that they can turn up the tunes either inside or out. That is where the OSD Audio BTP-650 Bluetooth Indoor Outdoor Speaker comes into play. Bluetooth means wireless and you may never find another that can compete with this speaker.

Description of the OSD Audio Speakers

osd audio speakers

These outdoor Bluetooth speakers are great in all-weather situations. It is also a fully Bluetooth enabled speaker that works indoors or out. It is capable of playing all of your favorite tunes which you already have downloaded onto your smartphone or your computer. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled device and you can listen to anything on this 6.5 inch polypropylene cone woofer. It has a butyl rubber surround and a 1 inch soft dome tweeter to ensure excellent sound quality.

Best of all you can pair it with a Bluetooth device that is up to 150 feet away. Outdoor speaker wire is not necessary. The only necessary wires are the 30 feet of speaker wires to connect the two speakers together and an 8 foot long AC power supply cable. What’s not to love about that in a speaker?

Features of the OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker Set

These portable speakers have a lot of desirable features for you to consider. Here are just a few, as well as the specs that make it even more enjoyable to all who own it.osd audio bluetooth outdoor speakers

  • A 6.5 inch Polypropylene Cone Woofer with Butyl Rubber Surround
  • A 1 Inch Soft Dome Tweeter
  • 100 Watts of Power Handling
  • Wireless with a Bluetooth Pairing Range of 150 Feet
  • Usable Outdoors in All Weather
  • Brand: OSD Audio
  • Type: Outdoor Bluetooth Enabled Speaker
  • Frequency: 38Hz-20kHz
  • Dimensions: 17.8×13.2×10 inches
  • Weight: 17.4 Pounds
  • Color: Available In Black and White

Advantages of the OSD Audio Speakers

  • Bluetooth Connection to Your Smart Phone Or Other Enabled Devices
  • Wireless Up to 150 Feet except for Speaker Wires Connecting Speakers to Each Other and Power Supply
  • Excellent Sound Quality By Most Standards
  • Portable
  • Usable Inside and Out
  • Weather Proof equals Worry Free
  • Two Separate Speakers in One Set

Possible Issues with OSD Audio Outdoor Speakers

  • Volume Slightly Low
  • Sometimes Difficult to Connect
  • Power Supply Cable and Speaker Wires
  • Shipping Outside of US is Limited
  • Price

User Reviews for the OSD Speakers

Most users claim that the sound quality of the OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker is sufficient for their needs and they love using it around their pool area. Some do say that the speakers volume is based on the Bluetooth enabled device that you are using. This means if you turn the volume down on your phone, your speakers may not play as loudly as you would like for them to.

The main complaints that people have about these Bluetooth outdoor speakers is that it is difficult to connect at times. Most often this is due to something interfering with the signal and simply moving it to another area may improve the connection. For instance, if you attach it to the side of your pool house, moving it may give you a smoother connection. Other complaints do involve the volume being set too low because of their smart phone’s volume being turned down.

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Is the OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker Set Worth It?

No two people will ever enjoy the same things. If they did, there wouldn’t be so many varieties of products. However, based on the outdoor speaker reviews on the OSD Audio BTP-650 indoor outdoor speaker set, most people will be glad that they invested their money into this speaker. Its 30 watts of power leave most people extremely satisfied with the sound quality. They are a little pricy, but most people do consider the price as an investment into quality and these speakers do not disappoint. It should be a speaker system that you at least consider if you want a very versatile indoor outdoor speaker set.

  • Sound
  • Durability
  • Bass
  • Size
  • Price
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Pros: These OSD speakers are a great choice if bluetooth and wireless are priorities are in your search for the best outdoor speaker. Additionally, they are very portable so can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on what you need them for.
Cons: The one common issue most people find is that the volume is quite low due to the fact that the volume depends on your bluetooth enabled device, such as your smart phone or tablet. Others have complained about having trouble connecting to their speakers, which might be an easy fix if you move the speakers around a bit.