TIC GS3 In-Ground Outdoor Speakers Review

Most people love music when it is played around pool areas, especially for parties and barbecues, but not many people want speakers hanging randomly around these areas. The TIC GS3 Omni-directional speaker may be an option if you are one of these people. Similar in design to the Bose Freespace 51 speakers, they are an outdoor landscape speaker that you place into the ground. Your favorite tunes can come from a hidden source if you place it in areas where shrubs or flowers will cover it. What could be better than this elusive garden speaker?

Description of TIC Outdoor Speakers

When sound quality, durability, and an easy connectivity is a priority for you, why not consider the speakers that have already proven they are a great investment? The TIC GS3 in-ground outdoor speakers are the ideal solution for many people thanks to their sound quality and virtual invisibility. They have also proven themselves to last through many years and still provide the quality you expect.

TIC outdoor speakers gs3 omni speaker

GS3 Specs & Features

These speakers provide a full 150-watts of sound and are designed to blend into the surrounding area. They are even green in color to match the shrubs around your patio or deck. Fully insulated and weatherproof to prevent damage in even extreme weather situations.

They have a 360 full range driver to give you sound in all directions. According to the GS3 specs, this is further possible thanks to 91DB and 8 full high/low pass crossover network sensitivity.

The total size of these omni speakers is 12.7 in diameter and 12.8 inches tall. They weigh 8.1 pounds each.

The Ohm resistance is 8 and their sound can be quality over a full acre for each one you have. This makes them an excellent choice for landscape speakers.

Installation of the TIC Omni Speakers

The TIC garden speakers are easy to install. You simply have to have a music source that supports wired speakers, the wire to connect it to the radio, and a little creativity. When you take these speakers out of the box, you will first need to decide how much wire you need to put it where you want it. The higher rating on the wire, the further it can reach and still sound good. Push the speaker stake into the ground, and turn on your music.

Some users recommend that you put the speaker down close to the ground if you want more bass. Others say that you should leave a little space between the ground and speaker. To determine this, you may want to try putting it in each position to see which one sounds the best in your personal opinion. Read more reviews =>

Should You Buy TIC Garden Speakers?

According to most people who have purchased the TIC outdoor speakers, they are a great buy. They provide great sounding music with plenty of bass and the sound can be heard over a large area with a single speaker. Many of the users purchased their speaker years ago and still claim that it is working very well.

However, there are some people who claim that the bass is a little lacking. This could be a matter of that person choosing the wrong location, or the wrong depth for the speaker installation. Either way, it could mean that if the bass is something that you want a large amount of, you may want to look to the Bose Freespace 51 speakers for more power and superior sound quality. For the most part, though, it is definitely worth it if you simply want the surround sound experience in the great outdoors with a good looking price tag. For more reviews, head over to Amazon and see what other users have to say or check out our other outdoor speaker reviews.

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Pros: These omni-directional speakers allow you to enjoy them from all angles of your outdoor area as they deliver a full 360 range of sound. Their durable, green shell blends seamlessly into your landscape or garden and withstand the elements of a marine environment.
Cons: The one common complaint among consumers is the lack of bass provided by this speaker. This speaker is more suitable for those looking for a budget speaker and not as concerned with a top quality speaker with thunderous bass.