Smart Touch Bluetooth Speaker with Night Light

With the thousands of branded stereo Bluetooth speakers that flood the market each year, it makes for a refreshing change to discover an unbranded make and model that provides all you need in a Bluetooth speaker, and much more. As this is an unbranded speaker, we will refer to it as the Bluetooth Speaker with Color Changing, night light.

This generic Bluetooth speaker offers up a multitude of awesome features such as the color changing chromotherapy light setting, dimmable warm white light setting, the ability to play music direct from a TF card, USB charging, and the choice to connect it to your devices via Bluetooth to listen to music or make phone calls.

smart bluetooth speaker

Many generic speakers are now becoming quite sought after online as they offer many of the same functions and features as of the high-end tech. Another important factor is the price of generic speakers, which can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than the leading brands in the market such as the Bose Soundlink portable speaker or even the JBL Flip. If you are not one who selects products due to the brand name alone, then this generic speaker is well worth dedicating a little bit of time to.

When the speaker is fully charged, you can expect to get an average of 10 hours entertainment from it before it needs to be charged. The charging time is 4 hours from empty to full. With regards to the sound quality, there are better-sounding speakers out there, but for the price of the speaker, it is actually very good. Unlike many generics which contain cheap components, this speaker appears to utilize some rather decent sound tech, and at around 80% volume the sound is clear and not distorted.

This speaker would make a brilliant entry level speaker for children and teenagers, and the added feature of lighting also makes it a fun choice while providing ample lighting for those who prefer not to sleep in the dark.

Pros of the Smart Touch Bluetooth Speaker 

  • smart touch bluetooth speaker with nightlightThe first important factor is the low price tag with a number of features it provides. This is not normally the case for such a multi-functional item.
  • The color changing features make it perfect for younger children and evening time use.
  • High-quality casing makes the speakers as robust as it is attractive.
  • A great entry point speaker for young children and those who are afraid of the dark.

Possible Issues

  • The battery life, while acceptable, does not last as long as other comparable speakers. The charge time also takes longer than other devices.
  • The forward and backward buttons are combined with the volume buttons, this can lead to songs skipping if the volume is adjusted.
  • The speaker is not water or splash resistant, so it cannot be used in the bathroom as a shower speaker or around sources of water, including rain.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing

If lighting is a major decision maker when it comes to your Bluetooth speaker choice, then the Generic Bluetooth Speaker with Color Changing night light will be perfect for you. However, if you can forego the lights of the speaker, then other similarly priced speakers will provide you with better sound quality and a longer battery life.

For the most part, this speaker is aimed at younger people and children and makes for a great first speaker. The sound quality of the speaker is above average for the price tag it commands, and the lighting feature takes this from being just another speaker to being a mood lighting system too. Perhaps well suited to those who practice yoga or for storytelling in the evening.

As noted above in the cons section, the fact that the skip forward and skip backward buttons have been combined with the volume + and – buttons can make it at times, frustrating. If this is to be used for smaller children, then this feature could cause undue stress and tears.


Is It Worth The Price?

For the price, you can’t really go too far wrong. In fact, for the low price that it is, you would expect a lot less for your money. There are many lamps and lighting accessories available that would cost more than the combined speaker set alone.

The Generic Bluetooth Speaker with Color Changing night light would make for a fantastic Christmas present for smaller children and helps create atmospheric relaxation. The battery life is more than acceptable, while the connection options allow for both a connected or TF card option to play music from.