Tunes2Go KoolMAX Rolling Cooler with Bluetooth Speakers

When summer time comes along, people everywhere start to plan their big outdoor adventures. For some this may include buying new bathing suits, preparing their boat, or trying to ensure that their camping gear is in peak condition. However, regardless of what outdoor adventure most people hope to enjoy, they are all looking for a better way to have fun. One of the newest and most popular items available is the Tunes2go Bluetooth portable speaker, because it is a speaker that pulls double duty as a cooler. Is it worth it investing in? Read our Tunes2Go KoolMAX rolling cooler with Bluetooth speaker review and find out for yourself.

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Features of the TUNES2GO Rolling Cooler with Speaker

One of the most impressive features of the Tunes2go speaker cooler is that it is a full size 40 quart cooler with speakers. This means it rolling cooler with bluetooth speakercan hold either 48 cans or 28 bottles of your favorite beverage. The cooler is easy to move around thanks to a convenient, extendable handle and wheels. You will never again have to carry your cooler and speakers to the boat or to the beach.

The cooler also has a detachable flashlight. There is a bottle opener built in. There is a very large faced control center for your music. This area has volume controls, fast forward, reverse, EQ, mode, FM buttons, and more along with an easy to read digital display. Within this area you will also find a USB data port, SD card slot, and a place for you to store and charge your iPhone smart phone using the 100-240V AC/17V DC adaptor.

The speakers provide 350 watts. They are water resistant. The two included speakers are 6.5” and there are also two 2” high performance tweeters built in above each speaker.

bluetooth speaker coolerThis speaker cooler is powered by a rechargeable battery that can play for up to 16 hours. If this is not enough time for you to enjoy the great outdoors, you can also power it using a 12 volt power outlet.

Other features include the fact that it has a XLR microphone/instrument input, a ¼ inch instrument input, two standard 3.5mm auxiliary jacks, and the ability to play both MP3s and WMA music files. It can hold up to a 32GB SD card or use data from the USB. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can also use your smart phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device that you may own.

Pros of the Speaker Coolerkoolmax rolling cooler with speaker

  • It is an all-in-one cooler to make your summer adventures easier.
  • It can connect via Bluetooth or wired.
  • Works as a charging station for your devices.
  • Plays FM radio as well.
  • It is a 40qt cooler on wheels.
  • This cooler can keep ice for up to 3 days.

Possible Issues with the Speaker Cooler

One of the biggest complaints that most users have is that the Bluetooth connectivity does not work as well as they had hoped, though it is a problem that can be fixed by using a wired connection. For some this is purely a minor inconvenience. Read more reviews =>

Is The Tunes2Go by KoolMAX Worth It?

If you are still trying to figure out whether this rolling cooler with speakers is worth it or not, consider the fact that most people love it, even with the slight issues it may have. It can keep drinks and snacks cold, even during the warmest days and it is usable as a sound system. You have a storage area built into the cooler for your music device, so if you need to run a wire between the two, it is not that much of an inconvenience. However, it does come with a hefty price and some people may want to see if a different version of this cooler comes along that does not have any issues.

Overall, the Tunes2go KoolMAX review shows that it is ideal for anyone who is not overly picky about sound quality with Bluetooth, which is often unreliable anyway. If you simply want your cooler and your favorite music to be combined in one device, you should be reasonably content.

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